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Shetland Sheepdog - Sheltie
May 28, 1992 - January 2, 2007


Sierra was the runt of Shelley's litter. She only weighed 142 grams when she was born. She was a gorgeous puppy and we moved heaven and earth to keep her in the family. As we could not keep her ourselves and George's sister and her family already took the firstborn July, Sierra went to George's parents. She led a wonderful, long and sheltered life in their care. She wasn't a real playful puppy though. She wouldn't play fetch, but loved to chase auntie April's tail, like all Shelley's pups loved to! But throwing tennis balls, frisbees or sticks had little to no effect on her. She'd look at it and you could almost hear her think, "okay, now go an get it yourself!".

When George's mom died, Sierra was the best companion his dad could wish for. She accompanied him everywhere and was the sole reason for him to get up in the morning and go outside for walks a couple of times a day. They grew gracefully old together.

In 2005 at age 13 Sierra was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma. We thought we would lose her there and then, but she made it through another year. I'm sure it was a tough year for her though, but her dad wasn't ready to lose her yet. However in December 2006 he was admitted to hospital and Sierra was taken care of by George's sister and her hubby. While in their loving care Sierra's health went down hill and it was obvious that she was ready to go. As we decided to wait until dad was out of the hospital they did their utmost to keep Sierra comfortable, but on January 2nd, we could wait no longer. It was a heart wrenching decision, but we just had to help her cross the rainbow bridge and reunite her with her mom and siblings. Our pain is sharpened by the fact that she was the last one of Shelley's puppies...

We feel blessed, through our tears, that she was part of our lives these past 14+ years. Our Shelties take a piece of our heart with them over the rainbow bridge.. but the love they give us lasts forever. We have so many beautiful and dear memories.

Enjoy feeling good again, sweet girl, running freely and rolling in the grass at the rainbow bridge with your mom Shelley, auntie April, uncles Sunny and Leo and all your litter mates and other rainbow babies that are so dearly missed. We miss you and carry you in our hearts forever.

Mo and George
In Loving Memory of Sierra, one of Shelley's puppies